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January 21, 2012 Leave a comment

This blog will explain my opinion about software for MLM industry, or MLM downline software. Is such software needed today? Is classic MLM died? I mean, Amway, Avon, Herbalife … or it is everything just web based?

I saw Multilevel marketing, or short MLM, before 8 years. In that time I was self employed (like now, but in another context). Then it started. Books, tapes, seminars … first year, second, third… There was about 10 important things to do. Some of them was:

1. Goals
2. Contact list
3. Calls
Don’t remember 🙂
But. I worked my way. Hard way. My head is pretty hard, and it takes few years before I died. I wanted too much without to change anything. That simply can not work. I should listen my upline.
Good thing is – I have learned a lot. I can say – everything I have today, I have because I read all those books and heard the tapes.
I closed my business and found some other job. Then I found my old love, programming. I made first piece of software before 15 years. After I made a analyze, I have found, that some of my mistakes was organization. Lot of shots into the dark. Because of that, I decided to write a MLM software for downline tracking – MLM Downline manager, with time organizer, volume manager, invoice system, newsletter … MLM business is pretty gently business, because other people are direct involved. People are sensitive today, more then ever. They need attention, time and care. That was some of guidelines for our software. Do as much as possible work for short time.
Then, I have started to think like MLM company. They use people network to distribute their products. We do the same: Price is unique for all, but each of our customers can earn 75% of each sale he/she refer.
Back to software. It is modern Windows 7 x32 or x64 compatible software, designed for individuals or company. It can work on single PC as standalone desktop application, or it can be connected to the CLOUD web database. That means, software can be run from everywhere in the world and from unlimited PC’s/laptops, and each upline can see their downline on real time. CLOUD version means all features described on Home version, plus integrated report designer, unlimited licenses, option to host web database, free upgrade to the new version etc.
We are sure that there is no such software on the market, MLM software written by someone who knows MLM system inside. Another thing is, we listen our customers. They know what they need. They are “inside” the MLM business. We just listen them and help them, just they do to their downline. Without our customers, we can not succeed. We will help them in they journey called MLM.

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